How to choose the perfect fabric for my Sofa Cover? – Sofa cover

One of the most recurrent questions of our customers is, how do I choose the fabric for my sofa cover? As it is this question, so simple to formulate, is a great decision because it will establish the base and style of decoration of your living room or living room.

Analyze your living room and your sofa

  • It is very important to start by analyzing the place where your sofa is placed. Find the predominant colors, the general style that follows your decoration. It is very useful to ask the following questions:
  • Is my room bright or dark?
  • What materials predominate in my living room?
  • What use is made of my sofa every day?

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Choose the style you are looking for

  • After understanding a little better the space in which your sofa is placed, it is time to ask about the style you are looking for. For example, if your room has poor lighting and you are looking to create a more luminous space, we recommend you choose light colored sofa covers that reflect the light that enters your living room.
  • Parade a few seconds to think what sensations you would like to feel when entering your living room and what colors, textures or fabrics would help you to achieve it. If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to write us. solid wood table Singapore will advise you personally. You can send us an email to We specialize in sofa covers and we will help you choose the best fabric for your cover in a personalized way