What You Want To Do To Become A Navy Officer?

Following is an Interview with a recruit from the Navy: The book recruiter said that today more than ever, the navy book is like a weekend warrior for the working guy. He explained I would drill on weekends for 6 weeks, go into a two week boot camp, and then return for training and more drilling on the weekends. He said the installation possibility is reduced. I cannot give you firsthand experience but I also am real close to submitting my bundle for distribution corps officer DCO. From what I heard, obtaining a master’s degree with a strong GPA that I have really helps if moving officer. I am also a 10 year veteran. Now age 33 if no masters, the honorable route could actually be better. I believe it depends on what officer route you choose because the competition would be different. Perhaps somebody else will answer that question with respect to bachelor’s master’s degree and the Navy reserve officer program.

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If you want to go officer you should be speaking to an officer recruiter. Until you do so, do not sign anything and learn what the requirements are. It is pretty good in my view. Indian Navy Recruitment is very beneficial for my occupation concerning training I get, which has led to promotions on the side. Also, I cannot complain about a two week all expenses paid vacation to Europe each year. 6 weeks of 2 weeks of training at the Great Lakes area, drilling on weekends, and drilling once I get back with little probability of deployment? He provided Cryptology. Think that the Chances of deployment are currently going to vary based on what job you choose.

MAs, and the Seabees, Intel can count on deployments. Be certain you have it, with respect to this training. From what I know, the NRAC program has been phased out. You would hate to expect a two week boot and get stuck with a two month one instead! I joined the Reserves 1 year ago. Matters had worked out, although I would always had a desire to serve in the army. I have a good job and decided to combine for satisfaction and the experience. Even after one year, I can honestly say that I do not feel you will regret if you do make the choice to join. NRAC is finished. The Navy may bring it back but maybe not today. If you want to go officer you truly need to go that way.